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As you know a lot of changes are being put into place and we are trying to adapt just as everyone is.  Our office hours for reservations at this time will be from 10 am to 3 pm daily.  If you have any questions that our website does not provide or if you would like to book a stay, please call during our new office hours or leave a message including your name number and time of the call and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Online booking is currently unavailable. To adhere to mandated social distancing regulations for our guests as well as our employees, paperless booking, check-in, and check-out will be in effect….

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James D Smith Sr. 1969ish

Our History

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We are celebrating 50 years as a Family-Owned and Operated Business! 1969 1974 1982 1998 Every so often, across this great and bountiful country, Mother Nature is especially kind to a certain small slice of her landscape. These special places are distinguished by their visual or geological esthetics as well as an intangible “energy” or “feel” about them. The Retreat at Artesian Lakes is such a place, and for over a century has served as a retreat for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, a special place for respite and rejuvenation. The story begins eons ago when this land was in the center of an “ox-bow” of the Trinity River for many thousands of years. What this means is that the river...
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